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From Violence to Innovation (Columbia)
Sunday, August 02, 2020, 03:00pm
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3:00 PM From Violence to Innovation (Columbia) / $14

Medellin, a city that until a few years ago nobody recommended, much less thought to visit, is today a destination recommended by The New York Times and National Geographic, for being a city that has been reinventing itself from an extremely violent past, to being today one of the leading cities in terms of urban planning and social innovation. In this ONLINE EXPERIENCE we will redefine the way to discover a city and it's culture; you will learn which are the most relevant places in Medellin and also you will be fully prepared to move as a local when you decide to visit our city. To develop our dynamic, we will use a map of Medellin as a board game, where you will find all the public transport lines with their respective stops drawn. We will use photographs to take a virtual tour, in which YOU will be in charge of navigating, moving around the city and discovering each of the places that marked different events in the history of Medellin.

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